Table 7

Explanatory Table of Budget, 2004(a)

  Revenue €m €m   Expenditure €m €m
  Pre-Budget Tax Revenue   33,236   Pre-Budget Voted expenditure - Estimates for the Public Services (Abridged Version)   27,035
  Tax changes       Add:    
  Income Tax (b):       Impact of Social Inclusion Measures    
  . personal tax changes -223     Social Welfare improvements (c) 327  
  . other Income Tax changess -16     Health Developments 27 354
  VAT measures: -3  
  Corporation Tax measures: -18     Impact of Non Social Inclusion Measures    
  Stamp Duty measures 0     Other expenditure measures 38  
  Capital Gains Tax measures 0     Administrative Budget carryover 40  
  Excise measures: 243 -17   Estimated Departmental Balances -30 48
  Net effect on tax projections of budget changes (d) 181  
  Post-Budget Tax Revenue   33,400   Post Budget Voted Expenditure   27,436
  Non-Tax Revenue   819   Non-voted Current expenditure 3,794
  Post-Budget Current Revenue   34,219   Post Budget Current Expenditure 31,230
CAPITAL BUDGET            
Pre-Budget Capital Deficit         5,745  
  Budget Day Capital Expenditure         50  
EXCHEQUER SURPLUS           -2,806
(a) This table shows the effects of the implementation of the Budget day measures on the pre-Budgetary position shown in the White Paper on Receipts and Expenditure.
(b) The full year cost of the personal income tax package in Budget 2004 is €287 million.
(c) The full year cost of the social welfare package in Budget 2004, including expenditure from the Social Insurance Fund is €630 million.
(d) The Budget Measures have an impact on the economy with changes in consumption and investment patterns leading to additional tax buoyancy.